Spilling the Tips to Choose the Perfect Convertible Car Seat for Your Baby

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Being a parent means being on the 24x 7x 365 job to protect your child and shelter them with safety in every way you can. Therefore, when it comes to their safety during a car travel, it is important that you go overboard by knowing about all the important information to know how to give your baby the best comfort and protection.

Convertible car seats are absolutely perfect for when your baby is an infant and when they grow up to be a toddler. They can support a range of weight and height limits; have the five point harnessing facility and various other safety protections. However, with the plenty of car seats around in the market, you certainly do not want to choose the wrong one.

Types of Convertible Car Seats

When you are looking into the kinds of a cheap convertible car seat, here are the ways you need to look for.

  1. Rear Facing Seats- In case you need to use a convertible seat in the case of your infant or new born, this is the kind you want. According to the American Academy of Pediatricians, children ride in the rear facing seat for a long time until they outgrow as their head pops out of the seat by an inch. Generally, the most common kinds of convertible seats do convert from rare to forward facing for when your baby grows up.
  2. Forward Facing Seats — when your child is a toddler that is at least 2 years old, then it is time for them to ride on the forward facing seat of the car seat. Therefore, in this case, the seat should have a weight and height capacity.
  3. Booster Convertible Car Seat — this is for when your child is over 40 pounds and around eight years. Booster seats use the adult seat belt which works without a booster in the back seat. In this case, the laps and the belts should fit well.

Tips to Maintain the Convertible Car Seat

  • Remove the Cover of the Car Seat — Make sure that the cover is machine washable when you buy it.
  • Cleaning the base of the buckle are important.
  • Pay attention to the Stains- Stains of food, drinks, pukes and others are ought to be there. It is important that you wash those stains using a cleaning kit.
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