How much is Eli Manning worth?

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Manning net worth the Elli  is $ 115 million according to a website which lists the net worth of all celebrities, sports personalities and famous people. Eli Manning is a profession football player who plays for America's New York Giants. His career is very successful and he has won several trophies and awards. He holds the highest record for several moves in the game and his annual salary is 26.5 million USD as of now. Let us take a look at how he earned his total income which led to this net worth.

The adolescence of Eli Manning biography reveals his date of birth as the 3rd of January in 1981, in New Orleans.  He was the youngest of the three kids of Olivia and Archie Manning.  Eli stepped into the world with a couple of brothers already there, namely Peyton and Cooper.  As every man of his family Eli was intended to be a star footballer.

His achievements and income sources

Cooper Manning, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning and their parents Archie and Olivia Manning made appearances in an ad of ESPN 'This is SportsCenter' in the year 2006. 

His older brother Peyton Manning and Eli Manning starred together for Oreo and NFLShop.com. Citizen Watch Co.'s spokesman has chosen Eli Manning as their spokesperson. Besides that, he is also the spokesman of Reebok and Toyota. He appeared in commercials for DirectTV as well. Eli Manning has several endorsement deals. He is deemed to be the highest paid football player for his endorsements out of which he earns a good 7 million USD every year. Besides his annual income which is 26.5 million dollars, Eli Manning signed a contract with New York Giants in the year 2009 for which he earned 97.5 million dollars. The contract was an extension contract and that made him the highest paid football player in NFL.

When Eli Manning started his career, h was a rookie and his base salary was 1.7 million dollars which is not bad for a footballer's starting salary. Eli Manning's brothers Peyton and Cooper Manning were also quarterbacks for NFL. His father, Archie Manning was also a quarterback for NFL. Many argue that Eli Manning has received glory for being in the shadow of his brothers who were NFL quarterbacks. However, that is not true because Eli Manning has proved himself. He won the Super Bowl championship twice. He won various trophies and awards for which is a valuable player. He is undoubtedly one of the highest NFL players. He is one of the five players in history to have been the champion of Super Bowl more than once. He is known for his performances in clutch and postseason. He is an aggressive the He player the who has paved way to a His own glory the Check out more