Achieve your Dream Body with Kayla’s BBG in Just 12 Weeks

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As a woman, you must have dreamt of having the perfectly tones and glamorous body where slipping on a bikini would be a proud moment rather than a worrisome. But how do you resist those midnight cravings? Or the free margarita pizza with another during a Friday night?

We have all been there. Where wanting your dream and glamorous body may seem like a mere dream since you just can’t find the perfect guidance or motivation to work on it. But all that is about to change! And that’s the magic of BBG. Want to know about the BBG meaning properly?

The Power of BBG

So what does BBG mean? Well, BBG stands for Bikini Body guide and this is a fitness and workout program run by the fitness trainer Kayla Itsinies. This program aims to give you your dream bikini body within just 12 weeks and through extremely effective ways. However, BBG Is only for those who aim to be determined and focused. If you are confused or doubt yourself, then this is not for you.

BBG is effective but only because it includes strict cardio, a rigorous diet plan and light exercises as well. Along with that, you get a perfectly tones muscle in your legs, arms, stomach, thighs and hips. The perfect abs you only dreamt of so far, as well.

Who started BBG?

BBG or the Bikini Body Guide program was started by the Australian fitness instructor Kayla Itsinies along with her partner Tobi during 2014. After graduation, Kayla developed her own brand and company to help women and to be able to reach out to them even more. During her interactions with women, she came to know how they all desired for a summer body and how insecure they felt. Therefore, Kayla started her BBG workout program to help all those women and act as a role model for them.

How is BBG Beneficial for you?

Kayla has been an inspiration and a motivator to thousands of women around the world. Here is how she did it,

  1. BBG is real and effective — BBG includes strict cardio and light exercises. It is not for the faint hearted.
  2. BBG focuses on Health — It is not just about having that perfect body. It is also about having a healthy one. Therefore, the diet routine in BBG is versatile and healthy.
  3. Kayla reaches out & Connects More — You can find Kayla on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and other social media profiles. You will get to see her post success stories of her clients, tips and tricks of training, food habits and lots of inspiration and love.
  4. Lifts your Confidence — You not only get the magical transformation but your self esteem and confidence gets uplifted as well.