An Excellent GuideAbout Simon Cowell Bio

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His full name is Simon Philip Cowell. Cowell born to Julie Cowell and Eric on the 7th Oct 1959. He has a younger brother called ‘Nicholas’ and 4 half siblings. Tony and Michael from his Mother’s first wed, with June and John from his Father’s.His father was a music industry executive and estate agent developer, and his mother was a socialite and ballet dancer.


 He had by his own confirmation, a powerful upbringing in the shaded countryside of Hertforshire. His home was located in Elstree that was also popular for its TV and film studio, where Cowell developed beside a few noble neighbors from the movie world.


His school days were spent at the boarding school in Dover that he never liked and insurgent against. He even used to send a letter to his parents in order to make them feel guilty for sending him there. Once, Cowell suspended and left his school at the age of 16.



How Simon’s entered the Profession in Music

Firstly, he worked as a runner at the studio called “Elstree”, while that came to an end he get a work as aMailroom boy at EMI music. He got bored performing as a mail boy with little opportunity of achieving the ladder; hence he left and shortly got a work in an Estate Agent that he hated.


Once received an unexpected call from EMI Music asking him to renege and work in a unique department. It was here Cowell met up with Pete Waterman, who went on to turn into his mentor and till today Simon always, thanks him for his begin in the business of music.


Have a look at Initial Major Step of Simon Cowell into the Music Business

If you consider Simon Cowell Bio, while leaving the job in Emi he began a working partnership with an old colleague called Ellis Rich, this did not work out, so they went their individual ways. He then started work with the lain Burton and Fanfare Records was coming into existence. Fanfare required an artist to the world along with him and Simon found Sinitta, he agreement her to the label and she went on to have a 2 hit with “So Macho” pursued by ‘Toyboy’ that Simon asked Pete Waterman his old mentor at EMI music to write for her. In addition to this, plenty of hits followed at the time of 80s and the things were starting to look up.