Pierce Brosnan Images: That Everyone Must Know



Pierce Brosnan is one among the Irish actor, who is known for his sarcastic punch lines and his savvy looks. He turned into a fortunate James Bond in the Hollywood film industry. Born in the year 1953 he bid goodbye to his motherland while he was at the age 11 and went to England with his mother and become the Ambassador for UNICEF of Ireland. His portrayal ventures have gained him plenty of designations incorporating the nomination for Saturn Award as best actor and in his kitty he has the Empire Award in the Best actor category.

Car Collection

Brosnan has sustained his strong interest in James Bond images to the further level and acquire an Aston Martin that he bought in the year 2002. He modified it to possess an ejector seat and rocket launchers, and has utilized the car in his Bond film. The Brosnan other dynamic collection incorporates a Maserati Gran Tourismo that is a dual-door coupe powered with the help of V8 engines.

He also owns a BMW Z3 that is a cool silver colored grace that also featured in one among his Bond films. Then illustrating his Eco-friendly side, he moved for BMW Hydrogen 7, a lavish hybrid car that some great profile personalities are said to have.

Beautiful Luxury House of Pierce Brosnan

Elegance and style are never away from Brosnan that his luxurious 2-storey Mediterranean style Orchid House in the Malibu, California reflects. He purchased it in the year 2000 for 10 million dollars and fully reconstructed the old building to make it a picture perfect. The differently designed mansion that sits attractively on the waterfront spans across 13,000 square ft and he has furnished the interiors well with the swimming pool, bar, art-studio, sauna and spa. Brosnan has a strong interest in art, antiquities and they lavishly portrayed in his luxury mansion. By considering green vision in his eyes Brosnan has water recycling and solar heating system on his property.

Net Worth of Pierce

Though Pierce had other fortunes, however, it was his Bond films that took his overall net worth up to the skies. His initial Bond film Golden Eye gained him 1.2 million dollars, for his last Bond film Die Another Day; Brosnan paid a salary across 16.5 million dollars. The overall earnings from his 4 blockbuster bond films are estimated to be over 38 million dollars. According to some sources, his overall net worth is about 80 million dollars. To avail Pierce Brosnan images   internet is the ideal resource.