Mike Tyson – His life as a boxer and a person after marriage

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The rise of Tyson from a childhood antisocial to boxing title holder made him the center of the attention of the media. Having found fame suddenly, Tyson went on a partying rampage and started going around with diverse Hollywood celebs. It was during this time of his life that the boxer saw Robin Givens, an actress by profession. The couple went on a dating spree, and on the 7th of February of 1988, he wedded Givens in NY, USA.

Around the time Tyson got married his boxing career was downhill

However, Tyson as a boxer was certainly downhill. Following quite a few close calls while in the boxing ring, there was no doubt that the boxer was losing his hold on his effective form of boxing that had made him a champion. Once acknowledged for his intricate mix offensive and protective moves, the boxer started relying on his single-thump knockout move for finishing off his bouts. Tyson held Rooney, his trainer of many years, responsible for the hard time he was having in the boxing ring and went on to sack him during the middle stages of 1988.


His wedded life started crumbling also

Along with his game, his married life with Givens was also falling apart. Accusations of spousal mistreatment started surfacing in the media during the month of June of 1988. Givens along with her mother claimed access to Tyson's wealth for a first payment for a new residence in New Jersey for $3 million. In that very year, law enforcement personnel were summoned to Tyson's residence after he started chucking furnishings out of the windows and forced her wife and her mom to go away from the residence.


Though the boxer and makes Don King his partner his conduct becomes fierce and erratic

During that summer, the boxer went to court with Bill Cayton, his manager, in an attempt to terminate their deals. By the month of July of 1988, Cayton had made an out of court settlement and agreed to lessen his share from of Tyson’s earnings from 1/3rd to 20 %. A key part of a Mike Tyson biography was his partnership with Don King, a boxing promoter. This move appeared to be a stride in the correct direction for the fierce boxer.


However, he was losing control on his life as a person and as a boxer. Tyson's conduct at this point in time became more and more fierce and erratic.


Givens ultimately files for divorce

In the month of, Givens & Tyson agreed to an interview with Barbara Walters. In this interview, Givens depicted her married life as «absolute hell.» Soon after the interview, she declared that she would be filing for divorce.


This flagged the start of the boxer’s struggles with ladies. During the later part of 1988, the Boxer was charged with inapt attentions toward a couple of discotheque patrons, Lori Davis and Sandra Miller. Read more