Facts That You Must Know About Sensual Massage

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Most people do not realize the power of a  winks massage london in turning on their lover, it’s a great gift of love to give your partner. As a professional, I have put a few tips together to make your next personal exotic massage special.

First Steps

First take the phone off the hook and have at least 1 hour for the massage. One can use a bed covered with towels or, better still, a massage table. Have some warm massage oil available. Make sure the room is warm. Start with your lover on their front covered with a towel. Now make some long light strokes with no oil, starting at the head and down the whole body to the feet. Repeat this a few times.

How To Start The Massage

Now very slowly slide the towel off their body, this feels very sensual, try this and see. Next use a feather to lightly touch them all over for a minute or so, the softness is very exotic. Do not forget to touch the face as this is also very pleasurable. Now it's time to sensually rub oil in with long and slow strokes. Generally, when you start a stroke begin touching the body with sensitivity and the same when you finish the stroke. The best strokes are slow, long, sensitive and sensual.

How To Improve Your Touch

It is very important to really get into the pleasure of touching your lover as well as the feelings and sensations under your fingers and hands. The more you connected, the more pleasure your lover will get from the massage.

How To Do A Sensual Tease

After a time relaxing the back, legs and arms ask your lover to turn over. Now you can get into some more sensual lower massage strokes. Start at the feet and slowly move your hands up the outer legs to the up to the shoulders. Now stroke down back to the inner legs and repeat. Another way to increase a sensual massage London experience is to blow up from the feet, up the inner legs straight up to the chest area. 

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