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In Hollywood, careers can be either broken or launched by just taking one bad decision. In this relate, huge fortunes can be easily made or thrown away. At times, even a skilled star like Sean Connery can also make mistake in a big way that it causes to get retired from acting as well as blowing amount. This happened when Connery turned down to the Gandalf in the movie Lord of Rings.


Prior to Lord of rings became a worldwide success, the movie was seen to be very risky undertaking for the Time Warner’s movie studio. The movie was produced with a budget of $281 million and it was one of the most expensive movies at that point of time. In a remarkable move, all his three movies were filmed back wise in New Zealand by a well known director Peter Jackson. The movie lacked a big name in the Hollywood like Johnny Deep and Tom Cruise who would surely guarantee the ticket sales. By considering all these reasons, the producers desperately wanted to lock the huge star for the important role of Gandalf. Their priority was Sean Connery, i.e. James Bond himself.


Sean Connery net worth – A brief glimpse


To convince Sean Connery to sign the film, all the film producers pulled out to the stops. Besides, $10m per day salary, Sean was also offered with 15% amount of the box office for all his three movies. Sean Connery declined the movie part as he was not able to understand the script. We all are aware that Lord of The Rings is one of the most hitting movies of all times. His first movie alone earned over $1 billion ticket sales. When all his three movies were combined it would have crossed $2.9 billion. If he had to agreed, Sean Connery net worth would have been more than $450 million.


 It doesn’t mean that Sean is struggling financially today, yet he possesses a net worth of $300 even today. With audience reaction to Lord of The Rings, he hastily agreed to make a debut in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. He had hoped that, even it would become equally a big franchise and success. Regrettably, it a completely a big flop with $66m across worldwide, the invested amount was more than $78 million dollars. Sean Connery completely retired from acting in 2005. Check out more

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