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John Michael Osbourne commonly known as Ozzy was born on December 3rd, 1948 in Aston Birmingham. Since childhood, Ozzy was a huge fan of Beatle and dealt with Dyslexia when he was in his primary school. Ozzy left school at the age of fifteen to work in a series of low-paying jobs and as later on arrested for burglary. After he got released he went to join his friend's band and later on joined another band called Earth which became Black Sabbath, the famous turning point of his life. Ozzy’s father was a toolmaker and his mother worked in a car components firm called Lucas.  It was in 1973 that the world famous “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” released and it became the fifth platinum-selling album in the US.

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But, later on, in the long run, the band came to the news for wrong reasons which included Ozzy and his team becoming seriously dependent on alcohol and cocaine. After his father passed away in 1977 Ozzy left the band for a periods of time just before the release of their next album “Never Say Die”, and by the end of “Never say die”, Ozzy had already lost the interest in the band and was later on replaced by Ronnie James, who was the former singer of Rainbow in 1979.

Ozzy’s meeting with Sharon Arden turned his life for good. Sharon encouraged Ozzy to launch a solo career. Thus he shook hands with the famous guitarist Randy Rhoads and began working on 1980 solo debut “Blizzard of OZZ”, which became a massive success. His next release “Diary of Madam” earned him the title of “Solo artist in his own right”, which managed to sell five million copies.


By the end of 1990, Ozzy again joined his first band “Black Sabbath” due to their highly successful live shows and released “Down to earth” in 2001 which gave him a huge amount of publicity and also made him a household name. The same year his family was also featured in MTV’s reality show “The Osbournes” and it was due to this show that his daughter Kelly could launch his singing career. Again in May 2007, he released hisnew studio album “Black Rain”, after a huge gap of six years. OzzyOsbourne earned a whopping amount after hosting “The Talk” for six years; he earned $1million per year.  Ozzy Osbourne net worth is estimated to be $220Million. Check out for more details.

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